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Avon Town Council elects Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem

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Special to the DailyJudge Buck Allen swears in Avon's recently elected town council members (from left to right) Brian Sipes, Dave Dantas, Rich Carroll and Ron Wolfe.

AVON ” Judge Buck Allen swore in two newly elected and two reelected Avon Council members at the regular meeting Tuesday night. All four members were elected at-large to serve four-year terms on the Council.

The newly elected members are Dave Dantas and Rich Carroll and the re-elected members are Brian Sipes and Ron Wolfe. Both Sipes are Wolfe are serving a second four-year term on the Council.

According the Avon Charter, the council members elect by majority vote who will serve as the Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem for two-year terms. The Council members elected Ron Wolfe to serve his second two-year term as Mayor and Brian Sipes to serve as Mayor Pro-tem.

The role of the Mayor is to preside at Council meetings. He does not vote on matters before the Council except in the case of a tie vote. Mayor Wolfe is recognized as the head of the Town government for all ceremonial, dignitary and legal purposes and he executes and authenticates legal instruments requiring his signing as Mayor.

The role of the Mayor Pro-tem is to preside at Council meetings in the absence or disability of the Mayor. Mayor Pro-tem Sipes would have all the powers and duties of the Mayor in his absence, including the power to break tie votes.

These members join Councilors Kristi Ferraro, Amy Phillips and Tamra Nottingham Underwood, who all have two years left to serve of their four-year terms.

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