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Avon Town Council meeting for Aug. 8, 2006

Daily Staff Report

REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING AGENDAMEETING BEGINS AT 5:30 PMCALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALLAPPROVAL OF AGENDA DISCLOSURE OF POTENTIAL CONFLICT OF INTERESTCITIZEN AND COMMUNITY INPUT ORDINANCESPublic Hearing on Ordinance No. 06-14, Series of 2006, Second Reading, Ordinance Amending Title 9 Of Avon Municipal Code Relating To Possession Of Liquors By Underage Person (Brian Kozak, Police Chief) Proposed revisions to legislation which addresses enforcement issues Ordinance No. 06-15, Series Of 2006, First Reading, Ordinance Amending Chapter 8.32,Title 8, Avon Municipal Code, Relating To The Protection Of Wildlife And Providing Penalties For The Violation Hereof (John Dunn, Town Attorney) Revision to ordinance to eliminate a warning citation in connection with the first violation RESOLUTIONS Resolution No. 06-34, Series of 2006, Resolution to Amend the 2006 Town of Avon Capital Projects Fund Budget (Norm Wood, Town Engineer) Revisions to budget for the Eagle River Recreation Enhancement Project and related RICD Water Rights acquisition Resolution No. 06-35, Series of 2006, Resolution approving the Issuance by Eaglebend Affordable Housing Corporation of Multifamily Housing Project Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2006, in an Aggregate Principal Amount not to exceed $18,655,000; Authorizing an Amended and Restated Project Agreement; and Authorizing Incidental Action (Gerry Flynn, Polar Star Properties) NEW BUSINESSOTHER BUSINESS UNFINISHED BUSINESSTOWN MANAGER REPORTTOWN ATTORNEY REPORTMAYOR REPORTFUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: BUDGET RETREAT 10/4/06 & 10/5/06 TO BE HELD IN AVON TOWN COUNCIL CHAMBERS CONSENT AGENDAMinutes from July 11, 2006 MeetingEagle River Recreation Enhancement Project – Award Construction Contract to Ted Seipel Construction, Inc. (Norm Wood, Town Engineer) review & summary of the one bid submitted for this project Deed of Easement and Easement Agreements to Eagle River Recreation Enhancements Project (Norm Wood, Town Engineer) Easements to allow for construction & use of the Eagle River Enhancements Project at Bob the Bridge REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING AGENDAMEETING BEGINS AT 5:30 PMConsent Agenda – continuedSite Resource Management, Inc. Change Order No. 2 (Norm Wood, Town Engineer) changes to Swift Gulch bike path construction related to field changes, minor corrections, quantity adjustments, and signage 2006 Street Improvements Elam Construction, Inc. Change Order No. 2 (Norm Wood, Town Engineer) Changes to improvements that included additional curb and gutter on Avon Road Design Workshop Additional Design Services for Avon Transportation Center (Norm Wood, Town Engineer) ADJOURNMENTTOWN OF AVON, COLORADOREGULAR COUNCIL MEETING FOR TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 2006To Be Held at the Wildridge Fire Station Located At 2120 Saddle Ridge LoopVail Colorado

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