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Avon Town Council to vote on new police station

Daily staff report

AVON — The Avon Town Council will vote on a schematic design for the new public safety facility at Buck Creek Road. The public safety facility would house both the town of Avon Police Department and the Eagle River Fire Protection District.

Based on study sessions that took place on Oct. 13 and 27, the Council’s preferred location for the Avon Police Department is at the Buck Creek Road location.

The schematic plan shows 22 garage parking spaces plus 10,546 square feet of dedicated police administration and operational space for the planned 50-year facility.

The estimated total cost of the Avon Police Department’s portion of the public safety facility depends on when construction starts — two scenarios will be presented to the Town Council which detail costs for two construction commencement dates. The first scenario identifies a construction start date of July 1 that estimates a total cost of approximately $8.38 million. The second scenario identifies a construction start date of April 1, 2017, which adds an additional estimated cost of $750,000 to the project. The prices include the purchase of land from the ERFPD. Options for funding include Certificates of Participation, general obligation bonds supported with a property tax or a blend of a COP issue to mill levy election.

The council is encouraging the public to attend and voice their opinions on the issue. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:10 p.m. Residents can also email dhoppe@avon.org with comments or opinions.

For more information, email vegger@avon.org or call 970-748-4452.

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