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Avon: Unknown compound causes foam in river

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Eagle River Water & Sanitation District photoFoam that moved through the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Avon, Colorado Tuesday is not believed to be harmful to fish and other acquatic life.

AVON, Colorado Excessive white foam was spotted at the Avon, Colorado Wastewater Treatment Plant Tuesday and workers are trying to determine the cause. A possible cause of excessive foaming in the wastewater treatment process could be from a high concentration detergent that was released into the sewer system said Wastewater Division Manager Chris Maines.The plant, operated by Eagle River Water & Sanitation District, treats sewage from West Vail, Minturn, Eagle-Vail and the majority of Avon, including parts of Beaver Creek. Wastewater operators are trying to determine the cause of the white foam and from where it originated. The district does not believe the compound is detrimental to aquatic life in the Eagle River.Near mid-day, the foam had moved through the plant and appeared at the outfall pipe, where finished wastewater is released into the Eagle River. The District is monitoring the foam as it flows downstream.A sample has been sent to a lab and the district hopes to receive the results Wednesday. The analysis will test for a variety of compounds including foaming agents such as surfactants, which are commonly found in detergents.We hope this is a one-time event If anyone can help determine what may have caused the foam, it will help us adjust our treatment processes, Maines said. Sometimes folks forget about what happens to the stuff that goes down the drain.The foam found this morning at the beginning of the treatment process has gone down significantly and was expected to have been fully processed through the plant by Tuesday evening.

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