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Avon voters appear calm, content

Matt Terrell
Avon, CO Colorado
Daily file photoRenovation of downtown Avon appears popular with potential voters in this year's Town Council race.

AVON, Colorado ” The electorate in Avon, Colorado is not an especially fiery one this year when it comes to the town council race.

That’s not to say residents don’t care about how their town is run ” they certainly appreciate, depend on, and have opinions about bus service, the recreation center, bike paths and well plowed roads in the winter.

But talk with residents as they wait for their bus or stroll through Nottingham Park, you’ll find that many people are happy to experience a calm election and keep their town council endorsements to themselves. Or, they aren’t paying much attention at all to the race and Nov. 4 election.

Brianna Maskins, a masseuse, said she’ll be voting ” but doesn’t have particularly strong feelings about the candidates. It’s easier to get fired up if something is really bothering you ” and nothing at the moment has Maskins worked up.

It’s also easier to get excited about a small town election if you’re rooting for neighbors, friends or regulars in your restaurant, Maskins said. She just hasn’t crossed paths with Kristi Ferraro, Amy Phillips, Buz Reynolds, Karri Willemssen and Sharon Peach

“It’s the kind of election you base on who you know to be good people,” Maskins said.

Maskins’ attitude reflects a common feeling you’ll find out in the community ” a level of contentment that prevents many residents from getting worked up about urban renewal, master plans, growth and developers.

Most people approached by the Vail Daily said they liked living in Avon.

Brendon Harris said he’d welcome improvements to downtown and Nottingham Park, where he walks his dog, and knows changes are in the works. But, honestly, he’s not unhappy with the town as it is now.

“It’s a nice place,” Harris said. “You can improve a lot of things, but a lot of people don’t have the time or energy to get really worked up about this stuff.”

As for the election?

“I don’t know. I’m not ready to say, I guess,” he said. “I should pay more attention, and usually end up cramming the day before an election.”

Joe Murphy joked that he doesn’t know who to vote for in Avon because he doesn’t see a parade of campaign signs from the highway, as he does with the county commissioners.

“They’re making it tough for us,” Murphy said. “I trust the signs.”

Murphy, who says the current council’s Main Street planning seems “thorough,” is supporting the candidates who “seem to know their stuff.”

“I’d pick the two women on the council now, and Mr. Reynolds,” Murphy said.

Some of the supposed “big issues” in town, like the planned redevelopment of downtown and the construction of Main Street, seem like neat ideas, and, well, many residents will leave it at that.

“The town’s a little dull compared to like Edwards, so yeah, new restaurants and things like that would be cool,” said Joanna Henry, who lives close to the library and recreation center.

And who would do the best job of bringing in new business? Henry’s not sure yet.

Affordable housing is something Bobby Noble is interested in, but sees any major strides with affordable homes being made downvalley. He’s been in Avon just a year, lives within walking district from the park and the library, and has no other big complaints other than his rent check.

“It’s impossible for me to buy a home in this town, and that’s a shame because it’s a nice town.” Noble said. “It’s hard to imagine changes in Avon before I move out of here.”

As for the election ” “We’ll see on Election Day.”

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