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Avon voters want excitement

Matt TerrellVail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado With a library, recreation center and a nearby Wal-Mart, Avon is a nice, convenient place to live, says Avon resident Jamie Putnam.Its not an exciting place, though. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can expect to see Putnam and her friends in Vail Village or Edwards for food and drink. Thats why shes excited about plans for a new, more vibrant downtown in Avon, and when Novembers town council election comes around, shell be looking for council members who can make Avon a more inviting place to spend a day.There are good places here, but not a lot, Putnam said. Its not a great place to walk around at night with friends.Most people seem to think its too early to talk too much about the November election, where three council seats will be up for grabs. Residents do though have strong feelings about what works in the town and what doesnt, and thats what theyll be keeping in mind when, in August, residents begin filing for candidacy.For the most part, people seemed pleased with the direction the town is headed, especially with plans to build a new Main Street through the west side of town and bring in new development and spruce up Nottingham Park.Resident Peter Almang said hes fine with the drastic changes planned for the downtown area.I guess the town is a little stale, so that whole development thing should be good, Almang said.Almang also said he was pleased that the town fixed the roundabout at Benchmark and Avon Road, which for years, you couldnt go all the way around.Carmen Muncy, whos been here just a year, said shes concerned about affordable housing. She picked an apartment in Avon simply because it was available, but if she finds something cheaper in the next year or so, shell be moving, which she doesnt exactly want to do.Rent is expensive, but I dont know how anybody is going to change that, Muncy said. My life here revolves around making rent. If anyone has some new ideas, Ill listen.Aside from cost of living, the most important things to Muncy are the basic things that make a town feel like a town. Avon really is about the most convenient place to live, so as long bus service isnt neglected and the library and recreation center stay open, she said.Paul Becker is renting a condo now in Avon and hopes to buy a house or duplex in the next couple years. He too is worried about finding any place within his price range. He read about the towns affordable housing guidelines but wonders when hell see some more deed restricted homes on the market.Affordable housing is the most important thing to him, but he also knows its difficult for a government to correct the problem.Id like to stay here. Its a good town. If I can afford to stay, I will, if not, Ill be going downvalley, Becker said.

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