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Avon waterwheel to be restored

Daily file photo This 80-year-old water wheel, which is all that remains of Avon's Nottingham Power Plant, will be restored by Colorado Mountain College students.

AVON, Colorado ” Colorado Mountain College students will take apart the historic waterwheel on the north bank of the Eagle River and restore it in Leadville.

Avon and Colorado Mountain College’s are working together to preserve the Nottingham Power Plant.

“The expertise from CMC is well known nationally,” said Karen Nagel, a member of Avon’s Historical Preservation Committee. “It’s very comforting to trust that the work being done is going to be done correctly and done well.”

The Nottingham Power Plant, a self constructed wood waterwheel, was built on the Eagle River in 1928 andgenerated electricity for use-by the family of Emmett and Myrtle Nottingham and the nearby Avon Depot. The plant was designated a historical site by the Colorado Historical Society in November 2006.

Robert Ogle, the community college’s historic preservation program director, says it will take three to four days to dismantle the waterwheel. The most difficult part of will be breaking lose metal bolts that have rusted into place.-

“We have to be very careful about how we do it,” said Ogle.

Once in the Leadville, the waterwheel will be reconstructed, he said.

“Our first objective will be to restore parts,” said Ogle. “However, there will be some parts that we won’t be able to restore and we’ll have to reconstruct using similar materials and crafting techniques.”

Avon’s Historical Preservation Committee also is seeking a grant from the Colorado Historic Society to stabilizing the supporting structure for the waterwheel. This work is planned for the summer of 2009.

Once the waterwheel is restored and the site stabiliized, a historic marker will be placed on the nearest street.

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