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Avon won’t pay condo groups

Present: Buz Reynolds, Chris Evans, Kristi Ferarro, Rich Carroll, Amy Phillips, Dave Dantas, Todd Goulding.

What they talked about: The homeowner associations of the Beaver Bench and SunRidge condominums have both submitted invoices to the town, asking for compensation for additional security those complexes paid for over the weekend of the Snow Ball music festival in March.

Council members said the town shouldn’t pay those bills.

“I don’t think we should pay these bills,” Mayor Rich Carroll said. “I think the impacts could be minimized with some planning.”

Council member Amy Phillips agreed, saying the town could find itself on a “slippery slope” paying the condo associations for their security.

“As we evolve into a more resort-oriented community, these (condo) communities need to monitor their parking during events,” Phillips said.

While the council said they wouldn’t pay the condo associations, council members added that they want to see some significant changes to the festival if it returns.

Council member Chris Evans recommended an earlier stop to the music, and, perhaps, cutting the event down to two days.

“Everybody has property rights,” council member Dave Dantas said. “That bass was just going through you. We’ve got to protect the rights of the people who live there.”

What they talked about: The council continues to debate the idea of asking voters for some combination of lodging and sales taxes to keep the town’s transit system running. Council members asked town staff to write and distribute an e-mail survey to residents to gauge support for any one of three proposals.

Council members Kristi Ferarro and Buz Reynolds said whatever proposal the council decides to back needs to be supported by all seven council members.

Carroll said he’d like to have information about a survey at the May 24 meeting, and what, if anything to put on the November ballot nailed down by the end of June.