Avon workshop teaches kids ‘how we breathe’

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Walking Mountain Science Center in Avon is partnering with Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a young learner's workshop on how lungs function and help us breathe on Saturday, May 2.
Chris Schneider | Special to the Weekly |

AVON — Take a deep breath in and feel the air slowly move in and out of your body. The lungs work hard throughout the day, even while a person is sleeping. It’s amazing what happens in the body as the lungs exchange oxygen. Walking Mountains Science Center is partnering with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to present How We Breath: Lung Lab. This course is hosted at Walking Mountains Science Center and taught by a knowledgeable instructor from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


This hands-on workshop focuses on the anatomy and physiology of our respiratory system. Students will travel through a series of interactive stations to study and develop a basic understanding of the roles of the nose, trachea, bronchi, alveoli and heart.

Stations include gooey experiments to learn about how mucus helps us to stay healthy. Students will discover what happens in their bodies as the lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide breath after breath. Instruction will include information about each respiratory system organ and also discuss the interconnection between the respiratory and circulatory systems.

During the second half of the lab, students will work in small groups to dissect a sheep’s lung. This hands-on guided exploration will help students to discover the ins and outs of a mammal’s respiratory system. Dissections are key components of biology courses in both high school and college, so kids participating in this class will get a head start.

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This workshop is designed ideally for children in third through sixth grades. Parents are welcome to stay with their kids or drop them off. Younger children are invited to attend but should be accompanied by an adult. The cost is $10 per child.

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