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Avon’s budding headache

Don Rogers

Considering the better part of valor might have done Avon Councilman Peter Buckley some good. The key word here is discretion.

Apparently, no strictures of an ex parte nature prevented the councilman from speaking out to the town Planning and Zoning Commission against a Vail Resorts request for a change in loading and parking rights at a distribution center on Notting-ham Road.

Still, it was poor form. The issue hadn’t reached the Town Council yet. And besides, the planning commission was already inclined to turn down VR’s request anyway.

Buckley also has a bit of an issue with Vail Resorts, dating back to some putative prosecution of a case against him that was dismissed – twice. Vail Resorts’ Internet subsidiary accused Buckley of illegally flooding their e-mail server with thousands of spam messages. In the wake of the case being dropped for good, Buckley sued VR and Vail.Net, the Internet service, for falsely accusing him of the criminal deed.

As a result, he has no business voting as a Town Council member on issues dealing with Vail Resorts, and most definitely he should not be lobbying against their projects to another town body lower down the town ladder than the council.

Buckley claims he was only asking questions, and town official say that he could voice his opinion as a common citizen, somehow setting aside his standing as a council member. Huh?

The episode is an embarrassment to Avon government and utterly tone deaf on Buckley’s part. “Peter just being Peter” is no excuse. Peter can do better.

“Rocket ship’

The real estate and growth pause of the past few years just might be history.

Reports of real estate activity and dollars changing hands over the last three months show the market taking off “like a rocket ship,” as one Realtor observed. It’s been awhile since anyone used words like that to describe Eagle County housing.

The national economy is showing more signs of roaring to life again after all this sputtering, assuming we can manage to deal with Iran and North Korea by means other than invasion. Hey, lumping them in the “Axis of Evil” with now-fallen Iraq begs the question.

The stock market picture looks optimistic, always a good sign for mountain resort fortunes, and real estate professionals see a growing confidence among buyers. Toss in some early snow and the stage is looking more and more set.

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