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Avon’s charter School will cut classes

Matt Terrell
Vail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado ” Still troubled by debt, Stone Creek Charter School will scale-back the number of classes taught next year and increase class sizes to save money.

Right now, there are two sections of most grades at the school, except for seventh grade, and all the classes have 16 or fewer students. The Stone Creek Board of directors voted to offer only one section in each grade, kindergarten through eighth grade, and increase class sizes to 21 students.

This means that next school year, enrollment will be capped at around 190 students, which will include their first eighth grade class. Enrollment is about 195 this year.

Since the school is still running a $21,000 a month deficit, increasing class sizes and cutting classes was necessary, said school board member Russell Molina, who has two children attending the school.

“By making these moves and eliminating these smaller classes, that deficit will be cut dramatically,” Molina said.

Students attending the school now should have a place next year if they wish to re-enroll. The biggest conflict will be seen in the second grade because of the very large first grade class this year. Molina said the school would allow more than 21 students in the second grade class if needed and hire a certified teacher’s aide to give students more attention.

By cutting classes, Stone Creek will also free-up room in the school, Molina said. For instance, the school’s library doesn’t even have it’s own room and is out in the open, he said.

The board of directors also added some requirements to its “good standing” policy. If parents have met their obligations, such as meeting their required volunteer hours and getting their students to school on time, they’ll be considered to be in “good standing” and wont’ have to go through the lottery process again.

Families not in “good standing” will have to reenter the school’s lottery, which randomly picks families from the school’s waiting list.

The school will be open to adding more classes in the future, if directors know for sure there would be enough to fill the seats, Molina said.

Stone Creek has had trouble in the past when families who said they would enroll their children ended up dropping out. Some of that over-counting is what helped put Stone Creek in debt more than a year ago.

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