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Avon’s tennis, pickleball courts are now open

There are restrictions, of course, including maintaining social distancing

The tennis and pickleball courts are open in Avon, with public health restrictions.

The Avon tennis and pickleball Courts in West Nottingham Park are now open.

All tennis and pickleball players are reminded that the Eagle County Public Health Order remains in effect. The town cannot open the basketball courts at this time under Phase 1-Beginner Level of the Eagle County public health order, since basketball is considered a high-contact sport.
Protocols for minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus must be observed while using the courts. The current public health order relies heavily on individual responsibility. The town of Avon asks all tennis and pickleball players to respect and follow these protocols.

  • Do not enter the courts if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Maximum of two players per court. Singles play or drilling only with just one ball per person.
  • Please use every other court when the courts are open.
  • Players should bring hand sanitizer and use it regularly before, during and after play.
  • All players must maintain proper social distance (six feet apart) whether playing, waiting, or observing play in and around the court areas.
  • Players are not required to wear face coverings during play if maintaining proper social distancing. 
  • When not playing, face coverings are encouraged for inward and outward protection of all players, especially when waiting to rotate on to the courts.
  • Players are encouraged to place their personal items (backpacks, water bottles, etc.) at a safe distance (six feet) from other players’ items to avoid any surface contact.
  • Players should label a personal ball that ONLY they will touch during play.
  • Errant balls should be returned to their owners via foot or racquet push of the ball and not by hand.
  • Switch sides of court only at the end of games.
  • No handshakes, racquet bumps or physical contact between players. 
  • Seniors and vulnerable individuals are encouraged to remain at home and avoid all person-to-person contact.

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