Baby boomers still rule |

Baby boomers still rule

Skiing is a baby boom sport, and the baby boomers are just now nudging old age. Or what once was considered old age.The bleeding edge of the generation turns 60 this year. Oh, gens X and Y attract marketeers seeking an edge, but they are mere letters compared to the progeny of the “Greatest Generation,” as Tom Brokaw called our fathers and mothers who lived through world wars and genuine Depression.The boomers still rule. Make no mistake, the ski was shaped for them, a music genre invented for them, the computer’s advent came with them, and alas, advertising perfected to plague us all, thanks to them!Pity the 20- and 30-somethings who think the boomers even can be shelved like previous generations. Here’s a clue: This is the first generation to die before it grows old. Or even grows up.X and Y think they are slackers. Hah! The boomers invented the term, much to their parents’ angst.With an emphasis on play, the boomers reshaped America. The world certainly is more interesting for this group. More athletic, too, at least in places like Vail. Not many John Deer ball caps and pot bellies to be found here.Yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, dietary supplements, rock ‘n’ roll, New Age and “Saturday Night Live” are baby boomer constructs.So is the Super Bowl as we know it, Microsoft, neo-cons, the Clintons, the Bush clan, TV, and … second homes. Don’t sell ’em short. Vail, Colorado

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