Baby, it’s cold outside |

Baby, it’s cold outside

Tamara Miller

This morning I awoke to the sounds of my neighbor trying, unsuccessfully, to start his car.

The temperature in Eagle on Thursday morning was 15 degrees below 0. It’s so cold outside right now that my dog no longer spazzes out when one of us grabs the leash to take her outside. I left my frozen dinner for lunch in the car; when I finally remembered to retrieve it (about five hours later), it was still frozen.

There’s got to be an upside to these Arctic conditions. We’ve got a lot of snow on the ground, more so than we’ve had in years. A recent Vail Resorts press release said 141 inches of snow have fallen on Vail Mountain already this year, setting a new record. Too bad it’s so cold outside, only polar bears and the clinically insane can be bothered to head to the slopes.

Scientists have blamed our growing bark beetle epidemic on Colorado’s decade-long drought and mild winters. Locals have watched the mountainsides in Vail get drier and browner every summer. But recent news reports say the state’s drought is over. And for the past week, the winter temperatures have been anything but mild. Maybe this cold spell is just what we need.

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