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Bachelorette’s plea

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Special to the DailyHappy 14th birthday to Shannon O'Rourke! If you see this little angel around town today, wish her a happy birthday. Love, Mom and Dad, Megan, Jimmy and Buddy.

Valentine notes in the paper sometimes have an effect on others. For instance, we received a note in the office yesterday that reads, in full:”This brief note is to commend Chuck Phillips for his beautifully worded letter to his wife.”As a single young woman on Valentine’s Day, it was a pleasure to read your heartfelt message. Do you have a twin, a son in his 20s or 30s, how ’bout a distant cousin?”Sincerely, Fabienne.”Sick soldier updateYou may recall a story a few weeks ago about locals Paul and Tammy Luviano of Dotsero. Their son, Paul Jr., or P.J., is in the Army, stationed in Germany. It was there that he was diagnosed with leukemia and caught pneumonia at about the same time.Local veterans and the Salvation Army helped get the Luvianos and their three daughters to their son’s sickbed in Germany. Paul Jr. was critically ill for a time, and is still quite sick, but the latest e-mail from Tammy holds hope, and gratitude. Here it is:”Paul and P.J. made it to Washington, D.C., all right. The only problem is that Paul has no place to stay at the moment. They told him he needs to find a hotel. He is sleeping in the hospital at the moment.”P.J. got through the flight fine. They already did some more tests on him.”(Daughter) Brenna and I are stuck at Lundstul at the moment. A man named Mr. Holdeman is trying to get us flights from here to Washington, D.C., through the Fisher House foundation. Then they will fly us to Denver. So it may take longer than I thought to get home.”I am just so thankful to all the people who have been helping and praying for us. It has been something that I will never forget. I have found out who truly cares by their actions. I have some amazing, faithful friends and family.”Vail, Colorado

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