Back at work at Middle Creek |

Back at work at Middle Creek

Scott N. Miller
Vail Daily/Coreen Sapp Work on the Middle Creek apartment construction site in Vail has resumed after a crane accident shut down work on the project for several days.

After a crane collapsed last week, the construction pace is back this week to a full gallop at the Middle Creek at Vail apartments.

No one was hurt in the May 3 accident, which occurred just after noon. According to Vail fire inspector Mike McGee, the accident occurred when the crane, which was operating at grade level on the south side of the complex, was delivering a load of lumber to the building on the north side. The boom started to tip toward the building, at which point the operator swung the load back toward the crane.

Before the operator could get the load back under control, the back tracks on the base of the crane tipped up toward the building. At that point, the machine tipped over between two buildings.

No one was hurt in the accident, which remains under investigation.

“We were incredibly fortunate where and how the crane laid down,” Vail building inspector Charlie Davis said. The crane’s chassis – the lower part of the unit – laid down on top of a Dumpster, which cushioned the fall. The tip-over punched a hole in the concrete slab it was resting on and did a bit of damage to a few pre-case concrete panels, but the overall impact was superficial enough that repairs won’t be required, Davis said.

The boom of the crane, which was effectively destroyed in the accident, damaged some wooden floor and roof joists. But that damage was also determined to be superficial and easily repaired.

The crane’s boom had to be sawed apart and removed with a new crane brought to the site.

With the accident site cleared by town officials and private construction engineers hired by Coughlin and Company, the Denver-based project developer, work restarted in earnest this week. The project is still on track to be 100 percent complete by Nov. 1, company vice president Mike Coughlin said.

“We’re totally recovered from this setback,” Coughlin said.

While there’s a new crane moving material to the northernmost strutures from the south side of the multi-building complex, Coughlin said that machine won’t be around for long. “We’re close to finishing what we need to on the back building,” he said.

With the construction humming along, a very early waiting list for the units continues to grow. At this point, more than 80 people have signed up to be among the first tenants at the complex.



Middle Creek at Vail

Location: Just north and west of the main Vail interchange.

Move-in dates: The first tenants are expeted to move in sometime in September. The project is expected to be completed by Nov. 1.

Number of units: 142.

Rental rates: One-bedroom units start at $542 per month; two-bedrooms start at $955. Three-bedroom apartments start at $1,655. Renters of one- and two-bedroom units must meet income requirements.

Waiting list: About 80 people are already on a list for units.


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