Back in Colorado, the Dolls take a new path |

Back in Colorado, the Dolls take a new path

Shirley Welch
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyYoung newlyweds, Frank and Imogene Doll, pose for a portrait.

Once settled in Avon and with ranch management no longer a job option, Frank went to work for Dick Hauserman at the Arnold Palmer Gold Academy at the Eagle Vail Golf Course on land that Jack Oleson donated for the Academy. Along with his job came the perks of playing golf. In the winter, he managed Meadow Mountain Ski area for Jack and lived at the old ranch house at the base of Meadow Mountain for the next two years.

With so many changes in her life, Kathy decided to go to boarding school in Canyon City, where several of her friends attended. Now Frank and Imogene just had Patty at home. Imogene began her career in cake making. One of the first wedding cakes she made was for Jack and Charlotte Oleson’s daughter, Charlynn Oleson, who married Danny Williams. Once the cake was made, next came the task for Frank to figure out how to transport it from the house in Meadow Mountain to the Oleson home, which had a road to it more like a trail. In the back of Jack’s Jeep station wagon, they put the seat down, put the cake on a sheet of plywood, and ever so carefully moved the cake to the Jeep and then drove it up the bumpy road to the Oleson house. Somehow the cake made it in perfect condition. From then on, Imogene Doll made innumerable wedding cakes, and Frank delivered most of them. Delivering cakes to the Hyatt Hotel gave Frank the most trouble. From the front door to one of the reception rooms was down several halls, around corners, up stairs and down more halls. It was a miracle any cake made it where it was supposed to go. Finally, a particular bellman took pity on Frank and helped with the cakes. After that, Imogene made him a special cake and gave it to him as a thank you. From then on, every time Frank delivered a cake to the Hyatt, the bellmen made sure they were there to receive the cake. To this day, the bellmen talk about Imogene’s cakes.

As all things change, Vail Resorts bought Meadow Mountain and decided to shut it down as a ski area. Thus, Frank’s job there came to an end. About this time, I-70 was under construction through the lower Eagle Valley. One day Frank appeared at the Kewuit Construction headquarters trailer.

He told the supervisor, “I’m looking for a job.”

The big man rubbed his neck. “What can you do?”

“Well, just about anything. What do you need?” Frank asked.

“Can you do payroll? I sure could use come help with that.”

“Yes, sir. I know about payroll. When do I start?”

“How about right now?”

And so Frank began his job with the construction company in charge of payroll, which was anything but simple. With different pay scales for workers, and with many deadlines to meet, every payroll was a numbers crunch and under pressure. Then, when the payroll was sent to Omaha for the checks to be cut, Frank and two other men would breathe a sigh of relief and then put on other hats and finish the rest of the week with cost accounting, something which Frank loved to do.

Every morning, the vice president of Kewuit would call Frank at 7 a.m. and ask Frank, “How much did we spend yesterday?”

And Frank would have an answer for him.

When the highway laid its last bit of asphalt, Frank was offered another job in Gunnison, Colorado with the company, but Frank decided his traveling days were over. Besides, he and Imogene had built themselves a nice house in Avon right along the Eagle River, one of the sweetest spots in the entire valley.

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