Back on track: The Titan’s Senate campaign cranks back up |

Back on track: The Titan’s Senate campaign cranks back up

Happy 17th birthday, Katie! Love, Mom, Dad and Chris.

Randy Wyrick, our own Town Talk Titan and local Senate candidate, was pressing the flesh – but not in an actionable way – among the national press gathered in Eagle last week, wasting away in Kobe Bryant-ville.

Wyrick reports his Senate candidacy was well received among the media jackals (who, like John Kerry’s foreign leaders will remain unnamed), except for one thing: Some of the effete Eastern liberals among the media cabal were unclear on the concept of “torque and recoil,” the two loudest planks of Wyrick’s campaign.

So, for those whose personal experience in the urban wasteland has left them uneducated on the matter, here’s an example. Let’s say an effete Easterner insults a truck belonging to a true-blue resident of our own Western Slope. As the Westerner winds up and delivers a taste-removing smack to the mouth of our effete friend, the force of the punch is torque. The motion of the effete Easterner’s head snapping back due to the force of the aforementioned wallop is recoil.

Or to put in a way even our effete Eastern liberal friends can surely understand: Torque is the force of the back of Hillary Clinton’s hand upside Bill Clinton’s head when she heard about Monica. Recoil is the way Bill’s head snapped around from the force of the blow from the woman scorned.

Any questions?

Birthday brigade

n Another Pavelich has come to the dance. Robin Ann Pavelich, born 8:04 p.m. at the VVMC. She’s a pretty petite 7-pounder and is fourth and final in the proud Pavelich line. That’s JP’s happy crew.

n Stuart Gordon celebrated his 80th birthday in style, with a huge party Sunday at Vail’s Golden Peak. Young Stuart has been a ski instructor since the world was young, and he still is.

n Happy birthday, Brandie McLaughlin. Sorry about the leak at your house, but you’ve been living with a drip for years.

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