Back to school supplies on horizon for parents |

Back to school supplies on horizon for parents

According to the National Retail Federation, parents spent an average of $443.77 last year on back-to-school supplies. In addition to the basics like number two pencils and notebooks, kids heading back to school this year have a dizzying assortment of resources and products available to choose from.

A host of new products are expressly designed to help students of all ages make the grade and also allow teachers to provide more effective instruction.

And for parents who may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of helping kids with homework, there are products that can provide the support needed to get assignments completed with a minimum of frustration and stress.

An old-school favorite of teachers and also a consistent staple on parents’ back-to-school shopping lists year after year is Elmer’s Glue. Teachers use it in their lesson plans to help inspire creativity and learning.

Aside from reading, writing and arithmetic, one of the things that will make a big difference in the lives of both parents and kids is the ability to learn to tell time.

“There are lot watches out there, but kids of all ages, including me really get a kick out of the great fun and unique designs from Swatch. They also have a little sister brand called Flik Flak. Flik Flak promotes teaching children to tell time at an early age. Flik and Flak are brother and sister who serve as the hour and minute hands, helping kids easily connect with the science of telling time. Parents will love that it’s also shock and water resistant, machine washable timepiece that is affordable and won’t break back to school budgets.”

Additionally, Leary suggest, that parents should check out their local school supply shop, consumer electronics store and do some research on line for the best deals. Leary says, that parents should bring their children with them when they go shopping because a child that is involved with the purchasing will be more likely to use and benefit from the items purchased.”

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