Back to the grind |

Back to the grind

Don Rogers

Sorry kids, back to school today. For parents, this marks the final end of the holiday break.The bowl games finally are over, the champ settled on the field instead of around the water cooler. Christmas 2005 is so, well, 05 now. The resolutions have been declared, so now it’s the hard part. Living up to them.At least the snow is carrying over, so far. Slow downSnow and ice are slippery, right? So slow down.Most of the hot dog drivers pay with a skid into the ditch with little to no injury.Some of these miscalculations are more serious, and people get killed on these mountain roads.Sure, some turns ideally could be wider, plowing more frequent, patrolling more visible.But the real responsibility lies with the drivers. The first one is to drive defensively. That is – for some – refraining from tailgating, showing what a great skilled fast guy you are at the expense of everyone else on the road. And maybe getting a clue that the commute that lasts five minutes, or even 20 minutes longer, is not so precious to risk life, limb or even a slide off the highway. The drive can be harrowing enough without other motorists piling on.Vail, Colorado

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