Backyard fireworks a flop, deputy says |

Backyard fireworks a flop, deputy says

J.K. Perry

GYPSUM ” The real fireworks were set to go off in Eagle around 9:30 on July 4, but one Gypsum man couldn’t refuse the lure of his own pyrotechnic display in his own backyard, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, who was allegedly shooting fireworks out of his backyard, met the law on his deck when a deputy approached him for a chat, which, according to the deputy’s report, went as follows:

Do you know why I’m here, the deputy asked. Is it for fireworks, the man replied. Yep, the deputy said.

The man admitted to setting off the illegal fireworks, the remainder of which he handed over to the deputy, according to the report.

The deputy cited him for unlawful conduct on public property for lighting fireworks during fire restrictions, which were in place due to dry conditions and high fire danger.

AVON ” A man showed up at his sister-in-law’s doorstep on July 4 toting a gun and demanding to speak with his wife, who lived at the Avon apartment with her sister, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The wife wanted nothing to do with her husband, seeing as the two were involved in a divorce, so the sister-in-law told him to go away, shut the door, went to sleep and later, when she exited the apartment, the man was still standing at the door, according to a deputy’s report.

He again asked to speak with his wife and said “I just can’t get over her,” according to the report.

She went back in the house and the man ended up talking with the sister-in-law’s boyfriend in the apartment parking lot. During the conversation, the man allegedly lifted up his shirt and showed the boyfriend the butt of a gun sticking out of his waistband.

The boyfriend told a sheriff’s deputy he felt the man meant no harm. The sister-in-law agreed the man wasn’t violent.

Deputies searched for the man but couldn’t find him.

GYPSUM ” Three weeks later and two guys haven’t mended their differences. Seems the two are settling things out of court, even though they’re involved in a civil suit concerning who owes who money, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

Between June 24 and June 26 several sheets of drywall went missing from a man’s driveway in Cotton Ranch after which several sheets of drywall were located by deputies in the man’s former boss’ basement, according to the report.

Rocks were allegedly missing from the former boss’s home when he returned from Germany Those rocks ended up at the former employee’s home, the report said.

The employee said he bought the rock to build a home for his former boss, who paid for 45 percent of the rocks and labor, the report said.

When the employee got fired, he figured he’d done more than 45 percent, so he allegedly took the rock he felt was his and used it for his own home.

The employee also disputes a claim that a $13,000 he got from his former boss was for drywall. The check actually was meant for doors and other purchases, the employee said, and after the check was written, the employee was fired, the report said.

The boss admitted going to his former employee’s house and taking 50 sheets of drywall with a Bobcat, although he said would have taken more if the Bobcat could have handled the load, according to the report.

The employee was cited for trespassing, the report said.

BEAVER CREEK ” They had the baby lettuce, rotisserie chicken, baby back ribs and a few beers, but they didn’t pay for it, the Sheriff’s Office says.

A man and woman dining at Rocks Modern Grill in Beaver Creek on June 27 allegedly skipped out on their $60.36 tab and $12.64 tip by billing it to a hotel room they weren’t staying in. Deputies contacted the actual hotel guest, who said the man wasn’t staying in the room and didn’t know the name signed on the bill, the sheriff’s report said.

The waitress serving the two didn’t want to make a report in case the two came back to settle up their bill, and told deputies she would keep an eye out for them, the report said.

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