Bad weather and balsamic mistakes |

Bad weather and balsamic mistakes

Shauna Farnell

Interesting how Beaver Creek can still run its World Cup downhill in a raging blizzard, but after the sun came out and the snow stopped here at the Olympics in Italy Friday, the downhill of the women’s Olympic combined event was canceled due to high winds.

There wasn’t even a faint wind where I was standing, but it must have been strong at the top of the mountain, because later in the afternoon, the cable car closed, too.

Everyone at the race was reasonably confused when the big screen first flashed the message, “the race has been canceled,” then, “the race is postponed,” and then, “the race has stopped.”

Since the latter was obviously true, and stayed true for an inordinate amount of time, people slowly started filing out of the stadium in San Sicario. The race will go on Saturday following the men’s super-G.

Having already bought my lunch and sustenance for the day at the local grocery shop outside of the venue, I went into the media lounge for a fork and some balsamic dressing for the salad that cost me €1.70. Immediately, the lady behind the counter saw me and started firing up in Italian, apparently because I was using her condiment on something other than her €9 salad.

Embarrassed, as she was making quite a scene, I put a euro on her counter for compensation for my three drops of balsamic and slunk out of the room. When I sat down with my salad in the press room, an Austrian journalist asked me, “How much was that?” in the tone of one fed up with spending quadruple the local fare for stale food in the media lounge.

I directed him to the shop down the street.

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