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Bada boom – Bada Bing

Wren Wertin
The new owners of Bada-Bing,in Vail, have added breakfast and lunch service to the dinner menu. Featured is the Pollo con Pesto Panini with a side of House Salad and LaVazza Cappuccino. Coming soon is wifi internet wiring.

Bada Bing – it’s not just for pizza anymore.

The restaurant has added breakfast and lunch selections to the menu, in addition to a major redecorating job.

Monday through Friday, Gus Pernetz can be found behind the counter dishing out panini, coffee and breakfast burritos from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. At night, owner Korby Fleischer or another of the Bada Bing staff is there, throwing pies from 5-10 p.m.

“We’re striving for the best quality,” said Pernetz. “From the bread we use to the coffee we serve, we want it to be number one. No canned stuff.”

“We spend a lot of time on prep work,” added Fleischer. “We’re not just opening cans and bags.”

Judging from the cappuccino ($2.80), the bistro will be a popular breakfast stop for folks. They buy Italian beans, which means the brew is rich and creamy without stringent bitterness. It goes down easily.

Light eaters can dash off with a bagel, muffin or croissant ($1.75), or simply a fruit smoothie ($4.25). For hearty appetites, the American breakfast ($4.95) includes scrambled eggs, choice of breakfast meat, toast and potatoes.

Anyone with the time is encouraged to dine in and take advantage of the comfortable chairs.

“We’ve got more of a homey style now, relaxed,” said Pernetz. “We don’t want people to feel rushed. We want people to loiter.”

“Eventually, we’ll have a bowl of dog food outside so people can have their dogs here,” said Fleischer.

For lunch, Pernetz highly recommends a panini, or Italian pressed sandwich. The frutti da mare ($8.95) is served with smoked salmon, goat cheese, spicy Thai sauce, avocado and tomatoes. The salmon has a light flavor, and the creaminess of the cheese cuts the zippy spice of the sauce. It’s a good combination, served on Avon Bakery foccaccia.

“I really think they have the best bread out there,” explained Pernetz.

The di bosco panini ($6.95) caters to vegetarians and is stuffed with house-grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, fresh spinach and goat cheese. For those with a bit more gusto, the Italiano ($7.25) is just the ticket.

Plowing through his own Italiano, James Deighen said, “This is the best friggen sandwich in town.”

Layers of spicy salami, Black Forest ham, provolone, olives, banana peppers and red onions pack a punch in the large sandwich. Bada Bing also serves sub sandwiches. Folks can add a side-salad portion to any sandwich order for $1.50 – they serve Greek, Caesar, fresca, bella and house. Otherwise, large salads run from ($4.95-$6.25).

Bada Bing may be a cozier room, but it’s still got pizza roots. Gourmet pizzas are available whole or by the slice. The “Forget About It” is topped with artichoke hearts, shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, gorgonzola, garlic and spinach. “Mama Mia” is a marinated chicken pizza with roma tomatoes, jalapenos and red onions. The list goes on and on, and people can build their own.

“I want to have the best possible food, and have enough time to hang out with my family,” said Fleischer, a new father. “I don’t need to make a fortune.”

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