Bair Ranch project on tap |

Bair Ranch project on tap

Daily Staff Report

The Eagle County commissioners are scheduled to hear a report, hear from citizens, and possibly vote on whether to contribute $2 million to help preserve Bair Ranch as open space at 2 p.m. today.

Commissioner Michael Gallagher will be absent due to illness, however, so the vote may be postponed.

Federal and state agencies have committed $2 million, and private donations have added over $1 million, toward purchasing a conservation easement on the nearly 5,000-care ranch at the eastern end of scenic Glenwood Canyon at the Eagle-Garfield county line.

The county contribution would represent the first use of the county’s new open space property tax, which raises about $3 million a year in revenue to be dedicated to preservation of open space.

The commissioners also will consider how to preserve 50 acres of land at the east end of the Berry Creek 5th parcel as open space in perpetuity.

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