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Baked goods

Avon Bakery and Deli, they bake all day.

Dan Trush, owner of Avon Bakery and Deli, willingly hands out his recipes. “We’re excited to be alive and baking,” he says. “There’s no big secret recipe ” we just take the time to do it slowly and do it right. There are many ways to make many things, but with baking at least you need to take your time.” Case in point: the miche. Dating back to feudal times, slowly fermented batches of miche were made weekly. At the bakery, it’s a three-day process, and like all their baked goods, is made with exclusively organic flour. “We bake all day,” says Trush.

Avon’s Columbine Bakery sells European-style baked goods, including tortes, linzer cookies and all manner of petit fours. The dinner rolls are hand shaped and achieve perfection between crisp outside and soft inside. At Bonjour Bakery, the goods are baked in Eagle and arrive at the Edwards location fresh and piping hot each morning. From baguettes to eclaires, it’s decadent. The Alpenrose is re-opening in Vail, and they still have their famous crepe recipe.

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