Bakery/deli set for expansion |

Bakery/deli set for expansion

Christine Ina Casillas

The Avon Bakery, in Avon’s Nottingham Station shopping center, plans to add 1,500 square feet to its bread-making operations with an expansion into the storefront next door.

“There’s so much happening in this small space that we want to expand,” says Avon Bakery co-owner Dan Trush. “We’re going to take the bakery out and move it next door.”

To the east of present bakery/deli stands a retail space that’s been empty for years, inside or which a blueprint of the expansion hangs along a wall highlighting banquet seating, a rearrangement of the ovens and additional space dedicated to wholesale baking. The space is expected to be remodeled within the next couple of months, Trush says.

“We’re taking the oven to the new space,” he says. “All of our bread is handmade.”

The bakery is known for producing organic breads, with everything made from scratch, Trush says. Now that the summer season is in full swing, the farmers are starting to provide fresh produce.

“There’s a lot going on here,” he says.

When the expansion is complete, the bakers plan to serve home dinners.

“It takes a little bit at a time,” he says. “If you do it right, then you can add a little bit more to it.”

The bakery already has extended its hours until 7 p.m., allowing customers to stop by for bread, a quick hot or cold sandwich, or a bagel or pastry into the early evening.

“We’re staying open later now, rolling into take-home dinners,” Trush says. “It’s for people on the go. Say you have two working parents who don’t want to eat out or spend too much money on dinner – they can come to the bakery, and it’s affordable.”

Trush says he and his co-owners want to expand the wholesale side of the business, and with the size of the bakery now, it makes things a little tight.

By moving the oven into the other space, it’ll give the bakers more space for baking, he said. The bakery will remain open during the downtime, though.

“It’s a nice display area,” Trush says. “With the expansion, it’ll be more customer-friendly, with more room so no one is on top of each other.”

The bakery currently seats 14 and serves anywhere between 175 to 400 people per day.

“When it’s all finished, we’ll be ready to take on just about anyone,” he says.

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