Balking at all you could want |

Balking at all you could want

Don Rogers

Actually, Magnus Lindholm has a pretty good idea going with a sod-covered service station at the turn-off to Super Wal-Mart.All the better if he really does break the grip of the highest gas prices in Colorado.Ditto with the green approach to the aesthetics and fitting the station for biodiesel and/or hydrogen fuel.And, let’s see, the location is just off the north side of the interchange. Just where a service station would and should go.This is – to overuse an already tired phrase – one of those win-win-win deals. We hope that the Avon Town Council has the wit to understand this for the fact it is. But members will have to get over their angst at a past council’s foolishness in negotiating the Village at Avon, personal antipathy at the developer, and themselves.Sure, there are plenty of questions to answer, details to set. But the vert idea of a service station at an interchange is not among them. Especially not one this cool.Lindholm also would like to have shops, a restaurant, coffeehouse and offices in part of this area. But three-fourths of the 31-acre property in question would be four-plex homes. Presumably, those homes would approach at least a Vail Valley definition of “affordable,” too.This station promises all the cool, innovative, green construction a cutting-edge community could want, along with prices closer to the rest of America than now.Somewhat like the sound of one hand clapping, it’s a bit of a leap to gripe about the aesthetics of a service station you don’t see.Avon benefits through sales tax revenue it would not get with only homes off the interchange. (Remember that dictum about residential growth not paying its way?)As for sniffing that the valley has “enough” commercial space now, there’s a small detail a council member or two are missing. That would be location, location, location. Off an interchange to the big boxes, with the best gas prices around – are they kidding? So what exactly is there not to like about the idea, really?Sorry, this idea is not one to hem and haw over the concept, grouse about the very idea, suggest there are so, so many obstacles to getting it done.This is one to embrace. There’s real innovation here. Avon’s leaders ought to quit fussing and aim to reward it, for everyone’s sake.Vail, Colorado

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