Balloon boy sheriff lashes out at defense lawyer |

Balloon boy sheriff lashes out at defense lawyer

FORT COLLINS, Colorado – The sheriff in the balloon boy saga says the attorney who accused him of violating privacy laws was trying an “attack, distract and discredit” ploy.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden’s blog mocks attorney David Lane for filing a complaint after Alderden said child protective services was looking into the family in the case.

Lane said that disclosure was illegal. A special prosecutor cleared Alderden.

Alderden compares Lane to the Joker in the “Batman” movies.

Lane responded that he does attack when officers break the law.

Lane represents Richard Heene, the father of the boy who was briefly feared to be trapped in a runaway balloon but was found safe at home. Heene and his wife have been charged with fabricating the incident to get publicity.


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