Band Desert Noises plays free show in Avon Tuesday |

Band Desert Noises plays free show in Avon Tuesday

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Utah-based band Desert Noises plays a free show in Avon Tuesday.

If you go ...

What: Desert Noises.

Where: Agave in Avon.

When: Tuesday. Doors at 8 p.m., show at 9 p.m.

Cost: Free.

More information: Show is for ages 21 and over. Visit

If you’re looking for an adventurous night of rock ‘n’ roll, attending a Desert Noises show should satisfy that desire.

Hailing from Utah, Desert Noises brings its jangle-rich blues and rock ‘n’ roll to every show, including tonight’s free concert at Agave in Avon, thanks to the energy and musicianship of Kyle Henderson (vocals), Tyler Osmond (bass), Patrick Boyer (drums) and Brennan Allen (guitar). Although the band’s sound is unique, its influences reach back to classic rock like Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac and even more recent music, like Tame Impala.

Feel the music

“Those bands have a timeless sound,” Henderson said. “It’s about great songs and honesty. You can feel that music.”

Along with those influences come the prominent themes of freedom and freewill, which can be heard through the lyrics and the way the bandmates play their instruments. Listening to the music evokes a feeling of hitting the open road and taking in all that the American landscape has to offer.

“We believe in the freedom from being forced to do something you don’t want to do,” Henderson said. “You have the power to do what makes you happy. It’s about getting out of bed and actually doing it most of the time.”

See them live

Following the release of its 2011 debut album, “Mountain Sea,” the band toured from coast to coast and built a following that has earned them a wide variety of fans. Last year’s three-song “I Won’t See You” EP garnered even more buzz as fans could hear the harder rock sound. Already gaining attention is the band’s new single, “Dime in My Pocket,” which is from the new album, “27 Ways,” slated for release in March.

While audiences can pick out definite strains of blues and Americana, the band’s often-ferocious delivery and penchant for shredding guitars elicits powerful performances that are most strongly felt during live shows.

“I think the most common thing people enjoy is that they can tell we love doing it,” Henderson said. “It makes for a comfortable experience for all and a happy, good-time environment.”

Henderson said that audiences at Agave should expect “great times and good memories” and that the band is always looking for people to have an unforgettable experience.

“I’m honestly just excited to play everything,” he added. “We have had a short break from the road — long for us — of almost a month, and it’s going to be awesome to play again.”

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