Barb Harris and Bobby Cox: Vail’s Mardi Gras king and queen nominees |

Barb Harris and Bobby Cox: Vail’s Mardi Gras king and queen nominees

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AE Mardi King Cox BH 2-20

How to voteVote for your favorite Mardi Gras couple on Go to left hand bar and click on “news,” then scroll down to the poll. Voting ends Tuesday.VD: How many years have you lived here?Barb: I have lived in the valley 24 years. Everything aboout the valley is perfect! The climate, views, people, summer and winter. Bobby: 14 yearsVD: What is your favorite ski run on Vail Mountain?

Barb: Poppy fields is my favorite run.Bobby: Lovers LeapVD: What was your reaction when you found out you were a Mardi Gras king/queen nominee? Barb: My reaction to being nominated by V.A. was , “What Fun!”Bobby: That is unprintable.VD: If named royalty, what’s the first thing you’ll do? Barb: Have Fun!!Bobby: Change the name of Bridge Street to Bourbon Street for the night.

VD: Have you ever been to the real Mardi Gras in New Orleans? If so, what’s the craziest thing you did or saw?Barb: No, I have not been to the real thing. I have been to New Orleans, and Ithought it was awesome. What a grand old town.Bobby: No, but one of my employees went for a week, and he’s still not the same. VD: What is your favorite Cajun/French dish?Barb: Gumbo and oysters.Bobby: Mud bugs.VD: Bourbon or hurricane?

Barb: Neither. I only drink wine. Bobby: Yes.VD: Mardi Gras Krewes are the masking and parading social clubs for which New Orleans is famous. What would your krewe name be and why?Barb: We haven’t decided on a theme yet and it has been suggested we callthe group Barb’s Babies.Bobby: “Sweep Em Up” That means Vail Mtn is closing and its time for araise at Vendetta’sVD: What is your favorite New Orleans or French saying?

Barb: Lagniappe. (An old Creole word that means “a little something extra.”Bobby: Ski Patrol nominated me so that would have to be ” Show me yourT–ts”VD: What would you do for a hot set of beads?Barb: I have the hottest Mardi Gras beads you have ever seen and can’tdisclose how I got them.Bobby: I have never been offered a hot set of beads.Vail, Colorado

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