Barbecued animal found in Avon park |

Barbecued animal found in Avon park

Tamara Miller

The charred body of a small animal was found in a grill last week in Nottingham Park.

An Avon town employee reported the gruesome discovery to police after he found the carcass while making daily rounds through the park.

The body of the animal was still in the grill, while three of its legs were lying on the picnic table. Wood torn from the side of the Nottingham Park bathroom was used as fuel for the fire. A fourth leg was found in a trash can. It appeared that someone had eaten part of it, according to police reports.

Eagle County Animal Control retrieved the carcass. They believe it was either a cat or a raccoon. Police interviewed a local homeless man who said he witnessed a man skinning a raccoon near the Eagle River the day before.

Police have no suspects in the case.

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Fake prescription no cure for Avon man

An Avon man faces felony charges after he allegedly called in a fake prescription for painkillers and muscle relaxants.

Avon Police were tipped off by a local pharmacist, who was suspicious about a message left on the store’s voice mail last week. The message was from a man identifying himself as a doctor. The message was for two prescriptions for a man named Mike Smith – one was for Vicodin, a pain-control medicine, and the other was for Soma, a muscle relaxant.

“Mike Smith” allegedly called later in the day to let the pharmacy know he was coming by to pick up his prescription. Police met him there and discovered he allegedly used a false name and a fake prescription to get the drugs.

He was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, fraud and deceit and criminal impersonation.

Police break up Eagle hotel party

An Eagle County sheriff’s deputy on his way home from working the night shift was startled to see a hysterical woman running along Highway 6 in Eagle. A man whose pants were falling off his hips, revealing his underwear, was running after her.

When questioned, the woman said she was assaulted by the man while they were staying in a room at a nearby motel. The people in a neighboring room confirmed that report. The man was charged with assault.

However, while dealing with that incident, officers noticed somebody peeking at them from behind the curtains of the hotel room in question. Checking that situation out, they found two young men, and a 16-year-old girl, who was hiding in the bathtub. The girl said she was hiding because she didn’t want to get in trouble for sleeping with her boyfriend.

An inspection of the room revealed signs of drug use, including burnt foil in the trash can, and a baggy containing a green leafy substance hidden under a mattress.

The two men present, both local residents, could not explain why they had rented a hotel room. Both men were charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The girl, whose mother was out of town, was released to the custody of a family friend.

Cars damaged during midnight prank

Police suspect two people decided to take a midnight stroll atop cars parked in a Vail hotel parking lot.

The incident occurred last week and six cars were damaged. Surveillance cameras recorded two possible suspects running from the area. Police took photos of footprints on top of the cars.

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