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Barney Fife?

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I’ve just read your analysis of the recent matters involving Kobe Bryant and the handling by local officials and media (Silent Reckoning, Vail Trail, July 11, article is the most intelligent thing I’ve read on the subject since the sheriff issued his press release.I thought you might want the perspective of a middle-aged man in Texas who has stayed in a dozen places within 20 miles of you not a celebrity, simply someone who comes from outside the area every few years to ski and have fun.I am shocked by the Barney Fife-like conduct by your sheriff. Does he carry a bullet in his pocket? This is like the day Andy Taylor went to Mount Pilot, leaving Barney in charge. (Sheriff Joe Hoy) is a huge embarrassment to your community. The district attorney was left in a terrible position by the sheriff’s grandstanding.Most of this was so unnecessary, and the community can thank the sheriff and his investigators for starting this media mountain fire with their need for attention.If we do not trust the sheriff, how can we trust what he and his investigators develop? Is it possible that the sheriff considers consent less likely because (the alleged victim) is white and Bryant is black? That seems to be a question no one dare utter in your community.For myself and my friends, I don’t think any of us will be returning to Vail any time soon. I hope you will take this well, but I am not interested in staying in any vacation community where the local sheriff is untrustworthy.Even if Bryant is guilty, the handling by the sheriff and his staff has been chilling. The local politicians, like the county commissioner you quoted, don’t seem to get it. When you call a man a rapist, you don’t get to pick and choose whether to reveal public information.Thanks for your insights. I’m writing because I wanted to say something about these issues, and your thoughtful article provoked me to write to you.J. MooreHouston

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