Barstool Racing returns to Minturn on Saturday, April 8 |

Barstool Racing returns to Minturn on Saturday, April 8

The Minturn Barstool Race returns for the second year on Saturday, April 8, at Little Beach Park. The course area opens at 11 a.m., same as check-in for racers, and racing starts at 1 p.m.
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Race rules:

1. Push off from the start line at the signal.

2. You can push yourself, or have two people push.

3. Racers must ride the barstool while sitting down, in the drinking position.

4. Crossing lanes will result in disqualification.

5. Helmets must be worn.

6. Finish line judges have final say.

7. Racers must understand the results of the race before leaving the bottom.

8. Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a disqualification. This is a fun, community-based event.

MINTURN — Rule No. 3 of barstool racing: “Racers must ride the stool sitting down, in the drinking position.”

Grown men and women will be racing on barstools mounted to skis at Little Beach Park on Saturday as the Minturn Barstool Race returns for its second installment.

The fun, community-based event still has room for more teams, and the public is encouraged to come out and enjoy the spectacle.

“This is a real deal event with our locals, and it’s for locals,” said Michelle Metteer, special events coordinator for the town of Minturn. “Having it in April is the perfect time to bring everybody who’s worked so hard over the winter to come out and just have a fun day to relax.”

This year, the event is in the upper lot of Little Beach Park. Access and participant check-in is at 11 a.m., and the racing begins at 1 p.m. Grant Farm and Gipsy Moon will perform after the award ceremony, around 2 p.m.

To sign up a team or volunteer, visit, or email There are trophies and a cash prize for the top-three finishers. Cost is $25 to register a team, and the money goes toward the Minturn Community Fund’s Neighbors in Need program.

Last year, there were about six teams competing. This year, there are already more than 10 teams signed up, Metteer said.


There are two categories for barstool racers — Open and Anything Goes.

A barstool setup for the Open division must be:

• Gravity powered.

• One barstool mounted on two skis.

• If you can sit on it and it will go down the hill, then you can race it.

• Length and composition of ski are open.

• All barstools are subject to a safety inspection.

Racers in the Anything Goes division can have:

• Anything mounted on a ski or skis, or a single snowboard.

• No limit to the number of riders, and pushers can be no more than the number of riders.

As you’d expect, there will be beer available.

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