Bates Wilson celebrates second solo exhibit in Vail |

Bates Wilson celebrates second solo exhibit in Vail

Daily staff report
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to Daily "Tumbler," by Bates Wilson, is a reclaimed mixed media sculpture (67"L x 51"H x 27"D).

Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. Vail International Gallery will host a reception for sculptor Bates Wilson. Wilson, who uses bits and pieces of cast-off metal and wood to sculpt fluidly beautiful wings, surfboards, planes and fish, will be at the gallery to celebrate the opening of his second solo-exhibition in Vail. Exciting new works on exhibit include the monumental scale hanging sculptures popular with collectors from around the world.

“The simple truth is that Bates is a star of the gallery,” said gallery co-owner Marc LeVarn. “In two short years we’ve sent his work all over the world and developed a devoted following for him among our clients. In response to this success, Bates’ work has blossomed and evolved into something truly different from what it was a year ago.”

Wilson originally trained to be and worked as an actor in New York City. He is now a self-taught visual artist. His first sculpture was an American flag made of found corrugated steel and aluminum. A more recent flag now resides in the collection of the New York Historical Society Museum. Bates has an amazing range of metalworking skills that he has learned through years of experimentation. In the studio his creativity runs wild and transforms mundane machinery into living, dynamic creatures of the imagination. An industrial spray nozzle may become, through Bates, the tail of a deep-sea game fish that looks simultaneously organic and inorganic, retro and science fiction. He has exhibited previously at the Fine Art Dealers Association show in Los Angeles, ArtNext Chicago and at Vail International Gallery for the past two years. For more information, contact the gallery at 970-476-2525.

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