Battle Mountain: Emily Bradshaw |

Battle Mountain: Emily Bradshaw

This is Jenna Gilbert, Tiana Plath, Emily Bradshaw and Ashley Comerford at this year's Battle Mountain prom.

Nickname: EM DAWG

Years in Valley: 10

Parents: Mike and Andrea Bradshaw and adopted parents Tina Fleishman and Frank Johnson

Siblings: Justin, Lindsey and Jodi

I was named Emily because: It was a beautiful name and it was original at the time.

I am sick of hearing my parents say: When are you going to home. (Even though they don’t live with me!)

I admire: My mom and Chris Jones

Best memory: Italy before junior year and Chris Jones in the hot tub

Most people don’t know: Who I really am.

I am looking forward to: Life after high school

Next year I am going to miss: All of my friends bright and shining smiles everyday.

I can’t believe: That these are the best days of our lives. There is so much more to come

Root beer or orange soda: Root Beer

Favorite meal: Sally Rosenthal’s spaghetti

Favorite artist: Dave Mattews Band

Advice for younger students: Have fun

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