Battle Mountain High School: Christopher Joseph Atencio |

Battle Mountain High School: Christopher Joseph Atencio

Nickname: Chris and recently “Killer Clock”

How many years in valley: 18

Parent(s): Robert and Yvonne

Sibling(s): Mario

My parent(s) named me this because: The name fit me perfectly as a child, after all, I was always so innocent.

If I would have been born a girl, I’d be: Brittany

I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: Stop procrastinating. Clean your room. Get off the phone. Stop blowing your nose in the shower.

I admire: My Mom more than anyone else. No matter how much she nags, she is always so incredibly supportive and will go out of her way to help others. She is also the peace-keeper in our family, which is so humbling and inspirational for me!

My best memory during high school is: Prom, 2003: The company of my closest friend, the ideal locale, and of course the after parties! Then there was Italy, Costa Rica, and England.

Most people don’t know that: I have a secret dream to record an album and go on a world tour.

Next year I’m going to miss: Mrs. Borel, my right hand Haley, and the rest of the Howl revolutionaries. And the Foster during speech season and all of the fall plays and spring musicals. But most importantly, my family and that crazy Motley Crue of friends that I’ve kept.

I’m looking forward to: Laying on the green with a good novel at hand, dressed in a blazer and Birkenstocks at Dartmouth College! I can’t hardly wait to start creating a new life for myself and building new friendships.

I can’t believe: That I won’t be walking through the cramped hallways of Battle Mountain next year, or making routine trips to the local May Palace or “Hippie Dip.” Awe, what memories!

Favorite meal: Being the bon vivant that I am, I’d have to say the Montego Bay chicken at the Rasta Pasta in Breckenridge. But you can also find me ordering the chicken parmesan at the Avon Bakery and Capt. Crunch french toast at the West Side Cafe!

Favorite music or artist: Mariah Carey is No. 1, then we got our Diddy, Kim and Cam’ron.

Advice for younger students: Never compromise your values even when it seems like everyone around is giving in. Remember, too, that after high school is over, you are only going to have the real you, so when you’re done with being cool make sure that the person you see in that mirror is someone you can live with for the rest of your life – that’s reality.

P.S. Keep in mind that your family is the only support that will never let you down or deceive you!

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