Battle Mountain High School: Jenna Marie Gilbert |

Battle Mountain High School: Jenna Marie Gilbert

How many years in valley: 18Parent(s): Jay & LindaSibling(s): Casey, 10th gradeI was named Jenna because: They first heard the name from a pro wind surfer.If I would have been a boy, I was going to be: TylerI’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: I think it would be a good idea if you come home early tonight.I admire: Many people, pretty much anyone who can inspire me.My best memory during high school is: My trip to Italy, summer 2001.Most people don’t know that I: Want to drive a race car and learn how to fly a plane.Next year I’m going to miss: Seeing my friends everyday.I’m looking forward to: Being on my own and not having a curfew.I can’t believe: I’m almost done with high school.Root beer or orange soda: Root beerFavorite meal: BBQ chicken pizzaFavorite music or artist: I like everything.Advice for younger students: Live how you want to live, don’t let anybody tell you how to live because if you do what you want, you will find you have gotten more out of your life.

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