Battle Mountain High School:Beau Michael Beckley |

Battle Mountain High School:Beau Michael Beckley

Nickname: Big Beau

How many years in the valley: 18

Name(s) of parents: Sally and Mike

Sibling(s): One brother, Trent, 14 years old.

My parent(s) named me Beau because: It is a great, uncommon name.

If I would have been a girl, I’d be: Don’t know.

I’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: I love them. I’m not sick of them.

I admire: My parents, they’re the greatest people.

My best memory of high school is: Dunking in high school basketball games in front of everybody.

Most people don’t know that I: This question is secret.

Next year I’m going to miss: Home-cooking and a good bed.

I’m looking forward to: College life, Ruffing it.”

I can’t believe: High school has ended.

Favorite meal: Spaghetti

Favorite music or artist: All music

Advice for younger students: Enjoy every minute, even the ones that stink, ’cause you will one day wonder where all the time went.

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