Battle Mountain high’s track ready for rebuilding |

Battle Mountain high’s track ready for rebuilding

Scott N. Miller
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyThe school district has recently received a state grant to renovate the Battle Mountain School running track in Eagle Vail.

EAGLE-VAIL – The track at Battle Mountain High School has, pardon the expression, been run into the ground.The track will be renovated next year, thanks to a $200,000 grant from the state’s Great Outdoors Colorado, or GOCO, program. The program, which uses lottery money, provides funding for open space and recreation projects throughout the state.Most of the time, a project at a school wouldn’t get very far in the competition for grant money. The track at Battle Mountain is different.”Many, many different people use the track,” said Kim Ahmad, director of operations for the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District. The district, the agency that officially applied for the grant, operates two golf courses a ball field and other facilities in Eagle-Vail. An estimated 3,600 people per year use the facility, including students from the area’s other elementary and middle schools along with police, firefighters and paramedics in training, and any number of recreational runners.

Because of that wide use, and with a long history of cooperation, the metro district and school district worked together to submit a grant application to the state board.The actual grant writing was done by Melinda Gladitsch of the school district, who specializes in applying for money. In pulling together the application package, Gladitsch got letters of support from local police and fire departments, and recreation districts based in Vail and Eagle.”That’s the kind of project GOCO supports,” Gladitsch said.It’s also the kind of project that couldn’t have been done without some outside help.”This wouldn’t have happened without GOCO,” Ahmad said. “The school district doesn’t have the money and our district doesn’t either.”And, as those who use it know, it was time to give the old track some attention.”It’s in a pretty serious state of deterioration,” Battle Mountain Principal Mark Bullock said. “We’re really pleased to have this. Actually, we’re more like ecstatic.”

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