Battle Mountain promenade |

Battle Mountain promenade

Laura A. Ball
Special to the Daily/Kate BallSenior Whitney LeFevre, junior Mara Psneisl, junior Helena Stern, junior Brittany Bingham, junior Cindy Gonzalez.

I moved to Colorado the second semester of my senior year in high school. Half of my belongings were left in Ohio, including the gorgeous dress I wanted to wear to prom. My family sent it with plenty of time to arrive before the big day. Then Saturday came, along with a bouquet of flowers from UPS apologizing that my dress was stuck somewhere between Cincinnati and Denver. I frantically called my friends and found a dress to borrow from a girl I worked with after school, a freshman. The dress was pretty and about a size too small. Needless to say I showed a little more cleavage and leg than usual. Battle Mountain High School junior Cindy Gonzalez decided to make her dress for this year’s prom with the French theme “That’s Amour.” Her dress was made entirely out of silver duct tape and purple ribbon, complete with the Eiffel Tower constructed from black duct tape. She even donned duct tape shoes and a duct tape purse.

“With the help of my mom and my sister, we started making it over spring break,” Cindy said. “I wanted to be different so I started looking through magazines.”After she came up with the duct tape dress, Cindy stumbled upon a Web site offering a $2,500 college scholarship for the couple with best duct tape ensemble.

“My friends were helping me to find a date but I didn’t get a date until that week and I couldn’t make a duct tape tux in time.”But that didn’t matter to Cindy.”I think everyone was so unique. It was awesome,” she said. “The best part of the prom was making and wearing my dress.”

Sophomore Rachel Lach wore the quintessential little black dress.”I got it at Blitz. I looked in Denver at the mall and I thought it all looked the same. The dress I was wearing was pretty. I just liked the fact that it was different. A lot of girls were wearing spring colors and I just thought a simple black dress would look pretty good. I thought my shoes were really fun, and they matched my dress.”

Rachel said the best part of prom was getting dressed up since its something she doesn’t normally do.Senior Nicole Layman went the opposite route as Rachel, heading straight to the city to find the perfect pink dress.”I thought that they would have more of a selection in Denver,” she said. “I really like pink. It’s my favorite color. I’ve worn dark dresses for the past few years, and I thought pink would be good.”

Senior Jonathon Windham got his digs at a vintage clothing store in downtown Denver.”I wanted to do something that no one else was going to do – stand out a little bit. I didn’t know of anywhere up here where I could find a suit like that. I tried tux shops around here last year. So I went to Denver, and I own the suit now instead of renting.”

While Jonathon said he didn’t see many other suits that were original, he thought the fashion was great.”Everyone looked so good. I didn’t see anyone that didn’t look good, he said. “And I had a great a time. It was an awesome night.”Jonathon said the best part was just being with friends and dancing at senior prom.

Wearing a borrowed dress that was too small to my senior prom, I learned a valuable lesson, like Jonathon. What you wear only accentuates how you’re feeling inside. My friends told me I looked great anyway, and we had an absolute blast at prom.

Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 619, or, Colorado

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