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Be a special volunteer

Sunday is Breakaway DayThe Vail Breakaways women’s hockey team play their home opener at 6 p.m. Sunday against the Aspen Mother Puckers. If you look through the Vail Undressed calendar, you’ll find the best team picture in the history of the photographic process. Buy billions of these calendars, and display the aforementioned page somewhere your wife won’t see it. It depicts stunning, athletic women with sticks and blades, which makes it WAY better than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.Ah, the accoladesJust yesterday we went on in some length about how white people living in the Vail area are not allowed to sing the blues about lift lines, or anything else. We also took a direct shot at the idiots who were letting people on Chair 5 get nailed with ice balls, which they then lobbed into the crowd in the lift maze below. Returning fire, we asserted during a KZYR radio appearance Wednesday morning, is as good a use as exists for those missing .50 caliber bullets someone stole out of the back of a pickup truck last week.We got this reaction from J. Friestad:”Whoever writes Town Talk should be tied up under Chair 5 so that peoplecan pummel that person with ice balls!!!!!!What a crappy column!”We also got a bit of less-than-adoration from a local who lasered us for Sunday’s “10 More Reasons to Hate the French.” We stand accused of rewriting history (someone has to, besides the freedom-hatin’ liberals) and making sport of “ethnic” groups like the French and the Belgians. We were surprised that to learn that everyone in France is a member of a particular ethnic group.Apparently, snottiness is a binding ethnic charactistic.We, the Titans of Town Talk Towers, whose true identity as Randy Wyrick is a closely guarded government secret, can certainly feel the love in the room. Can’t you?Be a bus riderThe guys at KTUN will be riding the bus on Friday, and are willing to attract you with free food and coffee to ride it with them. It’s part of ECO Transit’s Try Transit Week. From 7-9 a.m. you can have your way with KTUN’s Morning Madman Kerry Gray and Kerry and Company. They’ll be riding, broadcasting, getting Kerry all jacked up on caffeine, giving away all kinds of cool stuff, and even playing live music. If you need more info, call David Johnson at ECO, 328-3524.All aboard $2.99 night is comingIt’s coming around the bend again – the best locals dinner deal in the valley that is. The Minturn Country Club is rolling out their super-charged, high octane, steak-a-licious $2.99 Night, Friday night. That’s right all you newbies, get hip to the savings and cravings this off-season event abides. Old-timers, we know you recoginize the scent of sumptuousness, so tap a freshman on the shoulder and usher them into a night to remember. Come to Fantasy Island, aka Minturn, fire up a couple of kabobs, seafood, chicken, steak or whatever floats your culinary boat. Its fun! It’s cheap!Brilliance among usMolly Marquez, a graduate of Battle Mountain High School, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Fort Lewis College. Many of you will remember Marvelous Molly as Battle Mountain’s soccer studgoddess for several years, along with general overwhelming wonderfulness.We need stories that could be trueOur Personal Powers That Be at the Vaily Daily have decreed that we’ll be doing a commemorative edition for Vail’s Founders Day celebration. We need stuff right away. Give us a call at 949-0555, ext. 615, or e-mail us at for Ralph DavisServices for Ralph E. Davis, Jr., one of Vail’s pioneers who died at the Vail Valley Medical Center Nov. 13, will be at 11 a.m. Monday, Nov. 25 at the Vail Interfaith Chapel, with Rev. Brooks Keith officiating. In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made in memory of Ralph E. Davis, Jr. to Mountain Hospice (attn: Lynn Hoehn) or the Harold W. and Mary Louise Shaw Regional Cancer Center, c/o Vail Valley Medical Center, P.O. Box 40,000, Vail, Co. 81658.Win a ski passChildren’s Garden of Learning (formerly ABC & Learning Tree schools) is having a “Ticket of Chance” Drawing for a ski pass. Only 250 tickets will be sold at $20 each. A great prize in support of Early Childhood Education. Contact Angela 476-1281 or 476-5684.Let’s get ready to rummageBrianna Johnson, 5th grader at Edwards Elementary School wants to alert the universe about the Edwards elementary School Rummage Sale and Stuff-O-Thon. It’s Dec. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the EES Gym. The money goes to support the 4th and 5th grade field trips. They’re looking for donations, and want you to come, checkbook in hand, to shop for warm clothes, accessories, toys and many other cool things. Bring your donations to the EES office anytime before Dec. 6. We will also be having a bake sale on Dec 7.

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