Music with a mission: Be.Come.Unity free concert in Minturn is a Friday-long affair |

Music with a mission: Be.Come.Unity free concert in Minturn is a Friday-long affair

Bonfire Dub will headline Be.Come.Unity, a free day of music in Minturn.
Zach Mahone | Special to the Daily |

If you go …

What: Be.Come.Unity. — a concert featuring local musicians.

Where: Minturn amphitheater.

When: Friday, Sept. 29, 3 to 8 p.m.

Cost: Free.

More information: Sales from beer go toward the Minturn Community Fund’s Neighbors in Need Program.


Say it one way and it sounds like “become unity,” try it again and it comes out “be community.”

No matter how you say it, the inaugural free event at the amphitheater in Minturn on Friday, Sept. 29, is all about building unity, and community, through music.

Scotty Stoughton, a performer in Bonfire Dub (headlining the show) and producer of WinterWonderGrass, had a fun idea to bring together musicians in the valley for a free show.

“I thought it would be fun to bring back some of the old schoolers and honor some of the people that don’t get to play much any more that were all in bands when I moved out here in 1993,” Stoughton said.

With the musicians performing for free and partners KZYR, Yoga + Life Magazine, Vail Brewing Co., 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co. and Shakedown Bar helping offset costs of putting on a day-long concert, all money from beer sales will go toward the Minturn Community Fund.

The live music, from 3 to 8 p.m., includes Primal J and the Neanderthals, BLT (aka, Brian Loftus and Tony Gulizia), Bonfire Dub and a bunch of guests, including Short Term Memory, Purple Shag, Laughing Bones, Turntable Revue and other longtime Vail Valley performers.

The lively Scott Rednor will host and manage the stage.

“We are so grateful that this is happening here in our community,” said Terry Armistead, board member of the Community Fund. “And if the greater Eagle Valley community benefits from some wonderful music for a great cause, than that is beautiful, plus I am an old school Short Term Memory/Purple Shag fan from the ’90s and am really looking forward to seeing those bands together again.”

Money raised will go toward the Neighbors in Need Program, which helps people of the Minturn community struck by medical, work and life emergencies.

For Stoughton and the rest of Bonfire Dub, their new single “Tribe” is all about bringing people together when the country during a time of divide.

“For me, personally, what I try to do is inspire conversation, especially right now,” Stoughton said. “That’s what ‘Tribe’ was all about — let’s not be afraid to have hard conversations with one another.”

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