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Be jeweled

Laura A. Ball

Whether it’s a strand of luxe antique pearls or big turquoise stones, a piece of jewelry must speak to me before I can put it on. If I don’t feel a connection with it somehow, it is just not worth wearing.This season’s motley mix of jewelry trends definitely calls out to me from the long and layered gold necklaces to the symbolic Eastern pendants.

Chunky chicThink big, bright chunks of turquoise or rose quartz. All women, young, old, conservative or not, are wearing this look. The big bright pieces look amazing in a classic white or black tee and a summer glow. Pair the necklace with small drop earrings for a look that’s truly modern. It’s fun and fresh, and we’ll even hand these pieces down to our kids.

Eastern cadenceThe organic look of Eastern-inspired adornments is more about the symbolism than the bling. Pendants have Tibetan and Chinese words engraved with such mantras as “love,” “joy” and “fearlessness.” Beads strung on red thread will keep the evil spirits away. The Eastern-inspired style revolves around natural embellishments like wood, feathers and stones.

‘Walk like an Egyptian’Is it just a coincidence that The Bangles had a hit titled “Walk like and Egyptian?” I think not.

First donned by Egyptians more than 3,000 years ago, bangle bracelets were often worn two on each wrist and one above the elbow. They are everywhere this season, and the more the better. The bid round bracelets are made of every material from wood to gold to plastic. We’ll never get tired of the bangle.Layered and long

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Long necklaces with pendants are worn layered, usually in duller metals. Sarah Jessica Parker’s character wore this look religiously on “Sex and the City” – but a little more blingy. Wear them to play up something plain, or add laid-back confidence to something fancy.

Charmed, we’re sureCharm-inspired necklaces, bracelets and belts adorned the runway models this spring. These aren’t the charms our mothers gave us, they just sort of resemble them. In other words, there’s no symbolism to these star, shield and feather trinkets, but they do look cool.

Art DecoThe Art Deco-inspired jewels of the Roaring Twenties and popularized again in the late ’60s, featuring abstract geometric designs and shapes, have come around again. The op-art aesthetic opts for big circle chain necklaces and graphic-printed watches.

Looks like gold The rich metallic gold that has taken over purses and shoes everywhere has seeped its way into brilliant bracelets and necklaces. Again, the shimmer looks great with the radiance of summer skin.

It always amazes me how jewelry has the ability to transform what you’re wearing. Long, layered necklaces add a funky vibe to an otherwise classic ensemble. Conversely, something traditional like diamond studs can add sophistication to something a little more outrageous. Jewelry can pull it all together to achieve the harmony you may be searching for.Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 619, or

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