Be scared; be very scared |

Be scared; be very scared

A scary Halloween ad we’d like to see this election season: County Commissioner Tom Stone in bed with the entire editorial board of the Vail Daily.The county’s only daily newspaper shamelessly shills for the Republican incumbent, who continues to use the office as his personal platform for financial and political gain, while bullying anyone who dares to disagree with his brand of self-serving public service.A vote for admittedly less-than-dynamic Democrat Gerry Sandberg (sorry, Laurie Bower, we admire your Independent fire, but you never had a realistic chance) is a vote to end four years of divisiveness, intimidation and ethical shenanigans.Which leads us to the No. 1 costume in our annual Halloween edition of “Costumes We’d Like to See”:1. Tom Stone as Martha Stewart.2. Henri Stone as Hillary Clinton.3. Don Rogers as Stone’s campaign manager.4. Randy Wyrick as Stone’s press secretary.5. Bower as Ralph Nader.6. Sandberg as Al Gore.7. Ross Palmer as a double (but definitely not free) agent.8. Michael Gallagher as Ben “Nighthorse” Campbell.9. Arn Menconi as Don Quixote.10. David O. Williams as Mao Tse-tung.11. Adam Aron as Nero.12. Leon Black as the grim reaper.13. Andy Daly as a ski bum.14. Porter Wharton III as Tom Rouen (or Mr. Mom).15. George Gillett as Oscar Meyer.16. Jim Lamont as a slumlord.17. Michael Cacioppo as an Eagle County school teacher (without a trust fund).18. Bill Efting as a surfer dude.19. Kaye Ferry as the shy, retiring type.20. Steve Pope as Ansel Adams.21. Erik Vienneau and Mike Larkin as Patty Calhoun (by the way. Halloween was spelled correctly).We’re sure dozens more have popped into your head while reading this column. E-mail them to Who cares if it’s after Halloween?

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