Bear activity increases in fall |

Bear activity increases in fall

COLORADO ” Black bears become more active in the fall as they search for food anywhere they can find it to fatten up for the winter.

The search for food may bring bears closer to people’s homes, the Colorado Division of Wildlife says.

Bears usually run away rather than confront humans, people should know what to do if threatened by a bear, the Division of Wildlife says.

If a bear shows up in your backyard, stay calm. From a safe distance, shout at it like you would to chase an unwanted dog. Children should understand not to run, approach or hide from a bear that wanders into the yard, but, instead, to back away and walk slowly to the house.

People can also reduce their chances of encountering a bear by not leaving trash or pet food out and taking down bird feeders than also can attract bears. If a bear finds food around a home, it will almost certainly return.

For more information and tips on preventing conflicts with bears, visit the Division of Wildlife’s “Living With Wildlife” Web page at

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