Bear could have escaped, activist says |

Bear could have escaped, activist says

Allen Best
Vail, CO Colorado

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. ” Bear activists are condemning the killing of a 660-pound bear shot by police. Police had been summoned to a house at about 5:30 a.m. by a family, which had taken refuge in a bedroom.

Once a cop arrived, he opened the garage door to provide an escape route for the bear. But when he looked through the dining room window, the bear growled and charged. The cop fired his shotgun.

The wounded bear was later found under the deck of a nearby home. The Tahoe Daily Tribune said police rousted the bear and then shot it.

“That officer obviously completely overreacted to the situation — he should have stepped out of the way and let (the bear) go by … (the bear) was scared, that’s all,” said Ann Bryant, executive director of the Lake Tahoe-based BEAR League.

She also says the family never should have locked itself in a bedroom. “The thing that gets me is the family was too afraid to approach the bear ” they were scared, so they hid in the bedroom.

“That’s why this bear was needlessly shot, because the family was too afraid to yell at the bear to ‘get out’ and stand their territory.”

Police commander Steve Kelly told the paper it’s possible the officer blocked the bear’s escape. “But I don’t expect in those close quarters for (the officer) to take a moment and think about what the bear was doing, if it wanted to hug him or what.”

KETCHUM, Idaho ” The Wood River Valley had quite a lighting storm recently, with 218 lightning strikes within a 15-minute span just before noon.

The bolts caused several small fires, including one that covered 15 acres of sagebrush and grass. No structures were consumed by the fires, nor were there any injuries reported, although the pyrotechnic display was described by the Idaho Mountain Express as a “dangerous spectacle.”

WHISTLER, B.C. ” Whistler’s firefighters continue to find marginal living quarters inside houses and condominiums.

The most recent news is of six illegal crawl spaces in a complex called Nordic Estates. In one unit, built in the attic above a condominium bathroom, the ceiling was only three feet high.

But noting has been found of late that rivals the discovery of five years ago. A home was found to have 80 beds, 24 of them in the attic.

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