Bear family roaming around Eagle |

Bear family roaming around Eagle

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EAGLE ” A mama bear and her two cubs that have been roaming around Eagle this fall generated five separate calls to the Eagle Police Department on Sunday.

The bear family generally hangs out along the Eagle River, Officer Bridget Johnson said.

Of the several people who called police, one man reported that a bear was in his shed.

The bear family has been frequenting trash at Red Canyon Townhomes and the Taco Bell Dumpster, Officer William Lott said.

The bears have been tagged so officers know they are dealing with a single family and not an influx of the animals. “Normally they aren’t bothering too much,” Lott said.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be a bit bold. Earlier this fall, one of the cubs found an interesting place to forage ” the kitchen of a Red Canyon townhomes.

Eagle firefighter Clayton Forsyth and his roommate Eric Mosher were in the process of unloading groceries from the back of a truck when a cub ran up the sidewalk and through the open door. He then eat some of the recently purchased food.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has received a number of calls about the bears, many from sympathetic area residents. A late spring frost killed off the area’s berry and acorn crops and prompted local bears to look elsewhere for food.

Bear activity should soon cease. Sows typically begin hibernating in early September to October. In the meantime. District Wildlife Manager Craig Wescoatt advises people to avoid putting out bird feeders, pick up any fallen fruit around trees and wait until pick-up day to put out trash cans.

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