Bear-proof Beaver Creek |

Bear-proof Beaver Creek

Bill Heicher, Eagle

I can’t believe that Beaver Creek, a world-class resort that touts itself as “green” and having a strong environmental presence, would follow their current policy of putting out trash receptacles that are not bear proof.

But then again maybe the terms, world class, green and strong environmental presence are just marketing buzzwords and really have no basis in fact? If Beaver Creek really wants the public to believe those marketing buzzwords then the resort needs to step up and do the right thing and make sure the trash containers are bear proof. This needs to be done immediately ” not next week.

According to Tony O’Rourke of the Beaver Creek Resort Company, “Bears have ripped the liners out of the cans dozens of times this summer to get to the trash …”. Obviously, the cans do not comply with the county’s regulations. Instead of looking for loopholes and Band-aid fix-its, Beaver Creek needs to stop being cheap and lazy and install actual bear proof trash receptacles that are commonly seen in national and state parks where users don’t seem to have any problems opening and closing them.

Beaver Creek ” you need to start walking the talk. How many more bears do they need to kill before you do what’s right?

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