Bear surprises dishwasher in Beaver Creek |

Bear surprises dishwasher in Beaver Creek

BEAVER CREERK, Colorado – The Dusty Boot in Beaver Creek, Colorado had an uninvited guest with an insatiable thirst for Pepsi on Monday night.

A mama bear walked through the open back door just before midnight and downed about 25 pounds of Pepsi syrup, said Johnny Powell, manager and bartender at the restaurant.

“She just cruised in the back door and smelled the hamburgers,” Powell said.

After ripping apart the Pepsi and Dr. Pepper boxes, she headed down the hall to the kitchen, where she encountered a dishwasher.

“He spooked the bear just as much as the bear spooked him,” Powell said.

The mama bear quickly turned around and left the way she came. Powell and the other employees had seen the bear and her cubs earlier that evening hanging out in front of the restaurant.

“Don’t leave your door open,” was the lesson that Powell came away with.

Randy Hampton of the Colorado Division of Wildlife said that’s the right lesson. While the wet spring should bring lots of berry for bears to feed on this summer, the berries haven’t quite ripened yet.

In the meantime, people should keep their doors and windows closed, take down birdfeeders, clean outdoor grills thoroughly, and not put trash out till pickup day.

A bear also walked into an open door at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs on Monday, Hampton said.

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