Bear visits girl and her sister |

Bear visits girl and her sister

Dennis Webb
Vail, CO Colorado
Kelley Cox/Post IndepedentA yearling cinnamon black bear attracted attention as it visited trash cans along Midland Avenue in Glenwood Springs Monday. After spending time exploring neighborhood sundecks and balconies, it ran back up the mountainside and out of sight.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ” Edith Gonzalez went looking for juice Monday and got a jolt of excitement instead.

The 12-year-old Glenwood Springs girl had gone to grab a drink for her sister and spotted a bear on the balcony of her Midland Avenue home, which backs up to prime bear habitat on Red Mountain.

Edith said she worried the bear might have been young enough that its mother might be around, so she and her sister tried to remain quiet and not disturb it. She then spoke to her mom, Sylvia, who had taken a trip to the grocery store, and the family contacted police.

Glenwood Springs police Lt. Bill Kimminau said the bear “looked like a little 1-year-old working his way down Midland.”

The bear apparently was wandering from trash can to trash can, Kimminau said. It eventually ran off.

The incident served as a reminder that the animals are out of hibernation and hungry.

“That’s the first bear sighting that I think we’ve gotten this year, so they haven’t become prevalent yet,” Kimminau said.

He said people should remember to secure their trash and deal with other possible temptations for bears. Bird seed, dog food and barbecue grills are among some of the other common bear attractants.

Sylvia Gonzalez said she worries that the bear might return. The Gonzalez family had moved to the rental home six months ago, and Edith said she knew bears were in the area.

“But we just never knew they would come here. We weren’t really sure they would come that close,” she said.

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